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  • What flexibility is available for picking up and dropping off the RV?
    Very flexible - I deliver and setup trailers usually right at check in time - I usually start packup and pickup 1 hour before checkout time. - When you are towing I prefer pick up and dropoff to happen when its still light out so we can have a safe turnover. I am very open and flexible to timing.
  • Are there any special tricks and tips that would help with operating the RV easily?
    - Plan your route ahead of time. Not all gas stations are trailer friendly. Getting stuck with a trailer is no fun. - I am always available to help and want to make sure you have a great trip. - Ask questions.
  • How does the electric, water and sewage hook up work while setting up at the campground?"
    - If the trailer is being delivered we will set this up for you so you can just enjoy your time. If towing - The fridge runs off propane while driving - The battery is charged while driving or plugged in - Outlets and microwave only work while plugged in (USB work all time if the battery is charged) - Water can either be used by onboard tank or if connected to water source with the hose. - Black (toilet) and Grey (sink/shower) have holding tanks and can be dumped at campsites or any dump station with the hoses provided
  • Are there any special tricks and tips that would help with operating the RV easily?
    We include easy to follow instructions on how to use all appliances and features. Plus you can call or text anytime if you have any questions. 760-822-8181
  • What comes with the camper?
    Both trailers come with a mostly stocked kitchen. They have silverware, pots & pans, knives, cups, mugs, small pot coffee maker w/filters, cutting boards, multiple size mixing bowls, plates, bowls, paper towels and RV toilet paper, trash bags.
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